About us
About us About us
Who are we?
We are a group of young people united together by a common goal to share the same values of personal achievements, innovation, and flexibility in search of excellence in lighting.
Our mission
We wish to contribute to peoples comfort and well being by creating lighting design that helps enhance their quality of life.
Permanent education is done in all areas and especially education in useful innovations that applied can make life of our consumers more comfortable and easier.
Flexibility - We constantly adapt to the current times and changes that they bring but also foresee them and instigate them by offering inovative solutions.
Our value
We believe that it is people that make the difference and we apply the latest technologies clearly focused to satisfy the consumer's wishes and needs.
What do we do and how do we do it
Our broad knowledge gained over the years allows us to work with the most demanding group of partners including electrical engineers, interior designers and landscape architects, and we are ready to answer all regulatory, technical and aesthetic questions.
Our experience gives us confidence in delivering innovative lighting solutions, using the optimal software and technical equipment.

1. Brief definition
Help in defining the project is the basis for a clear path to optimal lighting solutions. Together with the client - the client or his interior designer or architect determines the current and desired state of the building, timelines and budget.
2. Concept design
With the brief confirmed, we create design concepts to establish the overall aesthetic and technical requirements. Project feasibility and initial lamp source suitability studies take place at this stage.
3. Design progression
Following concept approval, we undertake more comprehensive design studies. These include preliminary AutoCAD lighting scheme layouts, initial product specification data sheets, AGI32 lux level 3D rendered calculations and initial running cost reports (where applicable), and the design of "special" products or modifications.
4. Project completition
After approval of the preliminary scheme, work begins, including final AutoCAD drawings, specification of lighting control systems and circuitry where applicable, specification of lamp types (beam angles, color temperatures etc.) and electrical loading calculations (if required).
5. Implementation
Sign-off of drawings does not mean we sign off from the project. We are happy to be involved in on-site commissioning - including fine-tuning directional fittings - in the programming of lighting control systems, and in advising on re-lamping and maintenance once the project is complete.
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